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3 years, 1 Dragon!


Hello AmDrag fans and NSA personnel.

We, the staff of AmDrag Downloads, would like to thank you, the community, for your continued support after the MegaUpload shutdown and YouTube takedowns that basically killed our service. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors in to the American Dragon Jake Long legacy (and perhaps a bright future if Disney ever realizes the gold mine in this show). For now, our time as a part of the community is over and we hope those who desired the episode greatly caught a copy when they were still widely available.


Till next time…


The AmDrag Download Staff.

Coming Next


  • Download and Online services for episodes consolidated to a single page
  • Cleaning of widgets
  • Revising staff page
  • found out Webs has some stupid page limit of 10 now. (will have to pay to finish the site)
  • Changed sites title to more correctly reflect its future services
  • Added a non official download of Season 1 and 2 in torrent form (official one will be up some time)
  • updated site Poll
  • re-enabled the Episode Guide page
  • Added STS episodes "dragon Fire Episode 1" and "Trouble With Physics" to the Episodes page
  • YouTube channel now receiving updates
  • New Website under construction

July Second 2012

My planed resignation is quickly drawing near and i have hardly updated our services to what i want it to be before I leave. So expect a lot of updates in the coming month to both the site and a bit to YouTube as I cap off this project in hopes of creating a one stop shop for connecting with all that is left of this once great fandom, and to perhaps leave a mark on it of my own.


-Clone (i miss having DUP around)

3/28/2012 ********** joins the Admins!

Ever sense ****** left its been a little lonely being the only admin on this project so Ive asked ********  to join me in authoring the site and its associated materials. He's been a very helpful member of the site and i know him personally quite well and have full confidence that he will make for a good admin. also on the good news, he may expedite my updates.

in other news...

The recent activity on the ADJLDupEpisodesYouTube account has been me, Clone. I've started conducting regular maintenance to its in-boxes and will hopefully some time soon make a new Vlog at it over the changes that are underway.


Till later,


The winner! and we have lost our founder...

As i had promised to the winners of the JakeXRose group contest, the winning entry's would be featured on our site. Sadly there was only one received entry and as such the contest was called off by the host. Despite this, I'm still going to feature the received entry's here and display *FidoPaws entry.

On site related news, i never made it known because it was a bit of a shock to me, however it must be known that  our founder *********** left the team two months ago. (deleting his ADJL FF account along with his departure) I snatched up the log-in info for all of the associated services that he managed that i didn't already have aces too and am currently sorting things out. He has left for greener pastures, in another techno-colored animated universe, settling down in the Brony-net.

His new screen name is ************** and can be found at DeviantArt, YouTube, and a lot of other places. hes primarily working as a visualizer for audio artists that release their music to YouTube.


thats all for today, and i'm dearly sorry for the delay of information.


Megaupload is no more

Our content host has been seized by the United states government in a move that frankly is beyond their power and has signs of being payed off by corporations. however that's beyond what i can really comment on seeing as what we do here anyways...


In the mean time the episodes are only available on the YouTube account till the internet gets some balls and allows file hosting again.

A Contest! (updated)

 Contest end date has been moved back, see Link for details

That's right! after 3 years of the Amdrag's following lacking a good old fashion art off theirs finally one happening!

The DevianGroup JakexRose is hosting one in honor of the year of the dragon!
The theme:

What did Jake and Rose do during the Year of the Dragon?
A date? Fight evil together? Maybe another adventure (like if season three did came, how would the first episode start or go?)

The Rules:

  •  one entry per person
  • Inline with the Club Rules (can be found the front page of the group)
  • NO extra characters (No OCs and NO crossovers)
  • Must be a completed work! (No messy line work, and must be colored)
  • Must have a background related to the Chines New Year
  • Entry's must be submitted to the Contest Entries Folder in the group
  • No requirement to be a member of the specific group, any one can enter so long as they are apart of an ADJL fan club or site.

Deadline: Some time in January (still working out exact date)


  1. First place wins a 3 month Premium membership to Deviant art plus is featured at amdragswe.webs and JakexRose
  2. Second place wins a feature at amdragswe.webs and JakexRose
  • Prizes are not final and will change as we gain more entry's or lack of
  • Minimum participants has yet to be decided (i'm assuming 5 is the minimum for prizes to start)


September 5th 2011


Me and ********** have finally got some updates to the site ready to roll out for everyone to enjoy. As most will at first notice we have an official FaceBook page now up and running for the site ('like' us if you like the site). Secondly the episodes page has received a first for our site, a truly HD quality episode! Now you can watch the cross over episode Morpholomew in glorious 720p wonder! (warning its 500MB's)

Along with content updates we've made changes to the display on the downloads page, it now features a small image from the representative episode and we have corrected a linking problem for episode 202.

Till next time, ********** .

We're starting a donation pool.

Hello guys, it's been a while since I was really up to stuff around here. I still reply to Youtube comments every now and then. But other than that, business has been slow. We want you to know that me and my partner ************ have gone back and forth as to whether this project is dead or not anymore. And i've done some thinking of my own. I have hesitated about doing this with the obvious scenarios of reactions I imaging from you. Please know that this is 100% optional, ALL the profits go to making the episodes of American Dragon: Jake Long available to you in the HIGHEST POSSIBLE quality.


And I wouldn't be doing this unless I had a job and could make the money myself. Anyway, back to topic. I'm starting a donation pool in order to get you these episodes in the highest possible quality. The easiest way for us to do this is buying the episodes from iTunes and then ripping them into standalone, certificate-free video files. However this costs. Well, the only thing that is actually gonna cost are the episodes themselves, which run at 1,99$ a piece. 52 x 1.99 =  103,50$. So that means 103,5$ is the goal we're headed for. AGAIN. We are not forcing you to do this. This is only because we can't afford this ourselves. But if you decide to contribute, you will get a very honorable mention IF YOU WANT TO and a spot in our Staff-section. Here's how you do it:


1. Click the button at the bottom of this post.

2. Use your credit card or PayPal account to donate (you can donate as much as you want).


 We love you guys no matter what. You keep this site alive and we couldn't feel more grateful to you. I feel bad about doing this, but it is a last resort. I have two more years until I can even think about getting a job. That's time that iTunes could decide to remove the episodes and we don't want to miss our last chance at doing this, right? To give you a taste of what the quality will be like (possibly even better though) I compiled the previews for the High Quality episodes in this YouTube video, enjoy!






thanks to ********** we now have a higher quality copy of Morpholomew for download that's also aspect correct! (no longer will it be stretched)

Staff page has also received an update with corrected links to profiles and the addition of my Xfire Profile in case any one wants to play some games!


Its time for a content update!

This update we bring you the episode the cross over episode Morpholomew thanks to site member ADJLobsessed's work in finding the episode! (i will continue my search for higher quality for all episodes)

Along with this update we bring forth our first entry to the Fan Made Episode section in which we feature two episodes form the now defunct STS series Dragon Fire. Episode 1 and Trouble with Physics are available for listening.


We've also update the poll with a new question and eagerly await your answers!


that's it for the May update! hope to see you all again soon with more good news!


Made a few alterations on the back side of the site, should all work just fine, report is anythings not functioning.


Added the AmDrag logo for better site identification.

Fixed Upload Box not forwarding link to me. your uploads will now be received correctly.


All Episode downloads work once more and all episodes now play correctly (no longer will 230 and 231 play incorrectly)

We are also adding High Rise Rescue to the list of American Dragon Jake Long games soon so stay tuned for some more dragon action!

Reactions 2009!

This will be a small section of the site in which we will put reactions to our staff and the website itself! If you want to be part of this then feel free to email us @ with your personal reaction to the site and also tell us if you'd like to be anonymous or if there is a name you would like to go by here. Also I want to congratulate fellow staff member **** for being ADJLFF member of the year and making the concept of this site true!

Reaction to DUP:

"its been wonderful to have a person that really wants to push the idea of a website for downloading ADJL episodes again. after DD and DUR leaving and there sites diapering its nice to have a site we may use again."

Reaction to **** (ADJLFF Member of the year):

"He's heck of a friend, but he's also been the greatest guy at uploading AD:JL episodes to the site. Great guy with a great heart for taking the time (even though he goes to college) to help them out with their great site! I'd say he needs a hand for that!"

Also today is the 23rd of December! Tomorrow AMDRAGDLS IS 1 YEAR!!!! How will you celebrate (Both X-Mas and this of course)?



New design. WIP with widget and object measurements.


Added Morpholomew,  fan-made Episodes Dragon Fire Episode 1 and Trouble With Physics.

corrected and added Links on the Staff page.


corrected general errors, fixed upload box, added logo.


fixed all broken links.(230 and 231 now have functioning files)


Corrected Episode Link to Episode 220


corrected all links in "Episode Guide", they now function correctly


all of season 1 & 2 are available

corrected display problems in the Games section


Corrected links for Season 1 Downloads.


We are getting really close to a final version here! I've now finished the sidebar by adding the widgets that could be found at the bottom previouslt and also i've added a poll of the week. Please vote in this (we'd appreciate it) AND DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP AND POST AT THE FORUM!


WE HAVE A FORUM! It's at the right of Games! Post your thoughts there and also to be able to post topics and replies you have to sign up!


New game up, "Dragon Descent". You may experience a bit of lag, but we're working on it!


Hey! Guess what! Now EVERY SINGLE AD:JL EPISODE IS AVAIVABLE FOR DOWNLOAD HERE! Yes, i'll make a video (of course), and put it on my ADJL YouTube channel! Now here's the deal. We may have every ADJL episode up, but still. Not all the episodes are up on iFile. Therefore you still have to download some episodes from Live (Yes, we're sick and tired of it too). But Clone is an upload freak so this problem will not have to stay for very long. I'm counting on having a final version (3.0) of this site by the end of next year! So hold on tight! The journey is just starting!

/DUP & Clone


Added facebook widgets to the Shoutbox + other section of the front page!


Completed Games Tab, you're free to check it out!


Added a games tab. Check it out!


- Added a feedback button. GIVE US FEEDBACK!


- Changed template again due to complaints.

More of a happy feeling coming from this one.


- Changed template.


- Blog was removed due to no activity.


- **** fixed episode re-ordering.  The reason the episodes were named wrong was because he used the wrong ep. guide. See staff section for more info about ****.


Changelog was added to the site.


- Replaced old shoutbox with another with sleeker design.

ADJL Spray for any VALVe/STEAM game!!!!

Download from!

Credits go to The Italian Dragon!

How to add the spray to ur game? No problem, check the video below:

Hi all!

Here you can easily download all the ADJL episodes smoothly with Good Quality! You can also watch the episodes online through MEGAVIDEO! All this is provided by: DragonUpProductions. Unforlunantly all the episodes havn't been uploaded yet.

But keep on downloading while I keep uploading!




Yes, I hacked Jeff Goode's website... Shame on me...  But on the plusside I found the most awesomest material! CHECK IT OUT!


Here's a task for you:

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